Imparting an Evolved Identity

Alchemy is a brand management agency assisting corporates with strategic marketing communications support like:


Brand Persona – Your Marketing Communication Strategy
We like to develop strategies that echowith your ethos and vision and synergize with your target audience, imparting an evolved positioning to your brand.


Interfacing with your most significant Target Audience - Media Relations / Press Releases
Media Relations / PR is a crucial facet of your communication paradigm. Media is your steadfast ally, and when you need to relay information to your target audience, media does it more credibly than company mediums. We delve into strategic PR Opportunities through positioning in Industry stories and exploring syndicated columns.

Content Marketing along with Absorbing and Appealing Designs

A credible alternative - Case Studies (Print / Video)
Effective customer testimonials/ successful customer implementation replete with customer quotes and approval

A tool to reach out - Customer Newsletters
We develop Customer newsletters that convey your positioning to the target audience impactfully. Theme based communications, with relevant, popular stories enhancing your bond with your clients.

A Direct route into your TG’s inbox - E-mailers
You not only need to communicate but need to do it consistently. Ad-hoc communication can do more harm than good to your profile. Regular information dissemination to your target audience without spamming them is paramount.

our brand pitch - Sales and Marketing Collaterals / Website Content
Your website and marketing collaterals help pitch your brand when your foot is half in the door! To have precise, accurate, relevant and impactful content in them is imperative. We understand your company, products/services, industry, peers, and ecosystem; and ensure collaterals that reflect your synergies with a compelling positioning.

Visual Content

Corporate Videos / Short Product Films/ Premium Industrial Still Photo Shoots
Telling your Story the way your TG wants to see; a narrative in visuals including Strategic Positioning, Script, Content, Recces, Shoot, Editing, Voiceovers, and Music, etc.

Social Media Marketing / Digital Marketing

In an increasingly online world, what you project is how you are perceived>
Social Media Marketing - on all Social Media channels
ORM - Online Reputation Management
Digital Marketing – SEO/ PPC/ AdWords
To enhance the digital strategy of the company and increase interactions