Sales and Marketing Collaterals

As with all other branding aids, Sales and Marketing Collateralsproject an image of your company amongst your stakeholders. It depends on you what you would like that image to showcase – classy, elegant, cluttered, confused or confident? Collaterals enable your sales force to get a foot in the door. They will not sell your products and services for you but are a valuable sales tool for your team. Apart from that, they go a long way in providing your branda trustworthy and classy image. In this digital age, capturing the imagination of the consumers requires extra efforts from organizations.
Sales and Marketing Collaterals are the perfect way of making an impression and Alchemy, indeed the ideal company for designing them for you!

Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and Flyers are a first-level sales tool. You cannot afford to leave this to chance as your company’s persona, and positioning gets communicated in a single glance. With so much riding on a single collateral, you need to put in efforts to make it amenable to your stakeholders.
For the uninitiated, Brochure is a single or double leaf document, online or print, carrying your positioning, unique differentiation and ways your products and services can benefit your consumers. A Flyer is a small advertising handbill which needs to sell your wares and services through interesting and varied propositions. Alchemy provides you with mesmerizing brochures and flyers. The uniquefeatures of our brochures and flyers are: -

  • Positioning
  • Imparting a Clear Persona
  • Smart and Relevant Copywriting
  • Clear and Concise Content
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Distinct Format

We use innovative techniques and the creative genius of our designers and copywriters to create quintessentialbrochures and flyers.

Email Newsletters

In today’s digital age, Email Newsletters are the best way to reach out to your consumers, irrespective whether you selling to businesses, consumers or consultants. Notwithstanding what medium they get opened on, desktops, smartphones, tablets, iPads, or Phablets, etc., it is important they adapt themselves to the screen and convey your message convincingly.

Emailers popularize your brand in an efficient and effortless manner. We at Alchemy create tastefully designed Newsletters for you. The uniquefeatures of our Email Newsletters are: -

  • Relevant content around your Positioning and Core Messaging
  • Effective and Engaging Content
  • Alluring and Innovative Visuals
  • User-Friendly Email Newsletters
  • Dispatch of the newsletters to your database

We have expert writers who develop the content in a clear and concise manner and keep it short and straightforward to maintain the reader’s interest. So why wait, contact us!


Induction and Training Materials have gained a lot of importance in organizations in the contemporary world. With a lot of material needed for training and retraining employees, channel partners, companies need relevant and continually updated material to keep the teams relevant in today’s fast moving ecosystems.
So whether you are looking for

  • Training Manuals for Employees/ Channel Partners or
  • Induction Manuals for Internal stakeholders

Alchemy has skilled writers who are well versed in this format. We provide well-developed training materials and manuals for your every need.

You can contact Alchemy for Sales and Marketing Collaterals and help your brand reach a new level of excellence!