PR Media Interactions

What is the purpose of PR?

Every communication strategy requires you to be consistentlyvisible amongst thetargetaudience. Public Relations encompasses the extensive process of building a market presence by reaching out to media outlets and influencers. It is a highly effective exercise that generates value, credibility, and awareness for your brand. Significant coverage and mentions in the media are acredible testimony. The effect is amplified when the same comes from an ace influencer with large following and popularity in the industry.

Press Release and Newsworthy Content

Drafting customized and well-structured content is Alchemy’s forte. We proactively engage with our clients before writing a press release ora piece of content. Press releases are the most traditional form of company announcements, and we follow standard formats depending upon each vertical. Subsequently, they are sent across to specificbeat journalists.

Our Unique Global PR Network

Over the last two decades, we have established strong ties with numerous reporters, influencers, media persons and opinion leaders from different industries across multiple geographies including, but not limited to, India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Middle East and Latin America.We have compiled an extensive and unique database of publications and media contacts for all of the above regions.

We are a firm specializing in supporting Indian companies foraying into Africa and other emerging economies worldwide through Media Relations. To our knowledge we are the only firm in India doing so, as of now.
We have been branding Indian companies in over 40 countries of Africa viz. Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Congos, South Africa, Benin, Lesotho, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, etc., and in Latin America, Middle East, and Sri Lanka.

Our liaison has ensured our clients' media coverage through Launch PRs as well as articles in publications like The Forbes, Africa Outlook Magazine, Telecom Paper, IT Web Africa, IT News Africa, Ghana News, Ghana Web, Developing Telecoms, Speech Technology Magazine, and PC Mag in USA, etc.

We have been able to garner more than twenty award opportunities and finalist nominations for our clients over the last couple of years. We brought about CEO speaking opportunities at over ten conferences within the last year. These include Wireless Communication and Networking Conference, Wall Street Telecom Exchange, IoT Santa Clara, NY Tech Day, Duke Business in Africa, etc.

To create comprehensive solutions for Global PR projects, we add extended PR activities. These include applying for awards and speaking proposals in global conferences and leveraging them in our communication with the media. We encourage you to identify the opportunities herein, to be aligned with your future projects, transcending branding spaces and associated activities that we operate in.