Direct Mailing Activities

Many marketers agree that emails are still quite an effective tool to reach out to your audience. Amidst the glut of commercial emails that users receive on a daily basis, there is much speculation around the relevance of direct emails.
However, it is not unusual to come across crisp content that effortlessly gets the message right. As readers, we love receiving such content every now and then, especially the ones that directly address each one of us with genuine personal tinge.

Direct e-mailers are often frowned upon because they are associated with bots and spam. This is due to an assembly-line approach that people tend to adopt in a hurry to meet targets. Emails are overtly sent by companies to announce new products and convince customers to buy.
It is a known fact that there are thousands of other companies that are vying for the same attention.
Emails that attempt to be a two-way engagement score better with their audience and have more chances of not going to the trash bin.
By two-way engagement, we mean that the reader must feel that they are part of your journey and are contributing to something larger by getting involved with your brand.
Every time you reach a milestone, thank the reader generously.
Make the content informative and make it less about your products. Let the reader learn something new when they click open your mail. Make them look forward to something.
If your audience were part of some survey or any activity, show them the results of their contribution and inspire them to participate further. Report every step that you take.
It is extremely important that we also keep the mails visually appealing and pay great attention to aesthetics.