Digital Imaging

Photography is an intrinsic tool of marketing. With decreasing attention spans, viewers are more receptive to advertisements or promotions that feature images and less disposed towards text heavy collaterals.

Having said that, it is more important to decide what an image must consist of. The pictures have to communicate the value of your brand much like all other marketing tools.

Before any visual delivery, we re-analyze your brand identity and make sure that your images enhance what you stand for. For example, if your brand attributes are ethics and integrity, your images should not be fuzzy or have soft corners. They should be sharp with defined borders, aligned to your values.

Similarly if your brand attributes are superior technology, than the images should amplify the specific attributes of your processes, products and facilities which give you the technology edge that you are marketing as your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

If your USP is a good lifestyle, than your images should show genuine happiness that people can extract from the usage of your products or services. If your brand attributes indicate unique technology than your images should not be soft focused or have layers or patterns superimposed, as it will not showcase you as a leader in your segment.

There is an amazing amount of communication embedded in the imagery you showcase to your target audience. It is important to zero in on consistent imagery and align it with your brand message. We contemplate the mood and style that best suits your industry segment and mind frame of your buyers.

We create a framework that embodies your brand values and essence in your imagery. Thisfollows theconcepts that seek to capture the imagination of your audience enhancing your brand’s USP.

Consistency is the key to growth and integrity, and the same must reflect in the images that we create for you. The strength of your business lies in being able to convince your patrons and clients that they are investing in a brand that stands for something profound.

Get raw with your pictures and re-create. We know that everyone has access to large piles of stock photography, but viewers highly regard original work. An existing stock of images cannot live up to your evolving needs and the uniqueness of your brand.

Give your audience a glimpse of your facilities. You may also like to convey that you are ‘human.' Hence, consider circulating images of your team members at work. Make it personal.