What really is Content Marketing and why should businesses bother with this type of marketing at all, if they have their website, digital strategies and social media in place?

Well, for one, Content is the salt in your marketing mix, without which none of the dishes, that you serve so diligently, are going to taste good. It is the omnipresent flavor in all your communication. A picture can say a thousand words, but a picture with context can say a million words, impart it meaning and enrich it with history and imagination.

Art has the liberty of being interpreted in myriad ways. Businesses do not have that luxury. They would like to be perceived as they want to be and not interpreted in individual styles.

Content associates by reaching out, dissociates when it does not convey meaning, and is destructive when perceived incorrectly. It has been the bugbear of many marketers over their professional careers.

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Content needs strategy and research to be truly outstanding.

It is not a statement of facts that you need - to convert passive consumers; but persuasion, encouragement and gentle nudge towards sampling your products and services.

If your website only talk about you and not your customers, do they feel excited about it?
If your social media is replete with awards you have won, do your customers clap for you?
If your SEO is replete with duplicate content, do you come across as professionals?
Unfortunately, no.

Why Alchemy?

Content is not just mere words, it is a script that you are rehearsing, a movie you are playing, a dream you are selling.
If you are selling vintage bikes, you are not selling a piece of machinery. You are selling a dream of an endless montage, a road going deep in the mountains, a piece of freedom, a taste of rebellion buried deep inside you.
If you are selling off-roading cars, you are not selling automotive. You are selling adventure, excitement, a whiff of danger, an escape into a world of your own making.
If you are selling automotive components, you are not selling disparate pieces of tooling and machinery. You are selling the core of an automotive, what makes it tick. Remember Intel?
There has to be a delicate balance of empathy, vision, dreaminess, business acumen and research which your content can bring alive for the products and services you make for your consumers.
We have the flair to bring alive your content and tell your stories to the world.

Where do you need content?

Everywhere. It is your shadow.
You need it wherever your company goes.
When your company goes online, the website needs to come alive.
When your salesperson goes for a customer visit, it is the collaterals and presentations content which speaks on your behalf. Your company speaks to your channel partners through channel training manuals and through reward scheme blueprints
Your company speaks to its employees through Induction and HR manuals.
Your company speaks to the media and customers through well-crafted Press Releases.
Content makes you engage with your consumers on social media.
The content showcases you everywhere.
We work with your web and digital teams to tell your story, in an engaging manner.

Strategic Positioning

A famous line in a poem by John Hilton goes; it is the space between the bars that cages the tiger.
What you say is equally important to what you don’t say. Positioning is not only the benefit you proclaim in your advertisements, it is neither your vision nor your mission.
Your positioning is not No. 1/2/3 position in the market vis-à-vis your peers, nor is it something you borrow from an editorial piece done on you by media.
It is definitely not a silver bullet which will deliver you success or operational effectiveness which can be imitated by your peers.
It is a carefully contrived position you reach, after auditing your entire ecosystem comprising of you, your industry and your environment.
Strategy is not the race to one ideal position. It is, in fact, the creation of a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities culminating into a non-imitable system. Strategy is a distinctive array of interdependent choices.