Association Presence

Building your presence extends beyond getting covered and acknowledged in the media. It is quite a feat if you are being mentioned now and then by significant influencers in the industry.
However, to sustain the visibility, you may want to work towards building your association presence. It is a major practice in marketing which requires entrepreneurs and executives to step out and verbally share their thoughts at various industry events, seminars and conferences.
These participations usually fall outside the ambit of direct sales strategy. Industry events offer a broad range of topics to choose from, and you may register as an ‘expert’ to share invaluable insights, about your experience and expertise.

Talk forums are incredible when it comes to building trust amongst your target audiences and peers. Much like trade shows, people attend industry events and conferences because they are willing to explore and acquaint themselves with current trends. Attendees include prospective clients, executives, media persons, journalists, peers, ace influencers, etc.
This is the junction where one can engage with the entire fraternity and demonstrate his/her credibility. Your content may be invaluable to numerous people in the audience, including executives who are always on the lookout.
When you address them, you personify your brand, and the listeners develop a better idea of what you represent.
Your business strategy must involve consistent efforts towards making more public appearances, and this requires ceaseless track of relevant industry platforms. Alchemy invests considerable time and effort to look for fitting industry forums. This exercise is part of our PR strategy, and over the years we have acquired speaking opportunities for numerous clients across verticals.