Africa Outreach

With a quickened pace, Africa’s emerging economy is becoming a potent investment hub. This is attributed to trade growth, relative political stability, better utilization of resources and an increased demographic dividend.

Africa’s economy is growing at a rate that either matches or surpasses global rates, especially that of Asia. Therefore, Technology, Agriculture, Finance, Energy, and Infrastructure are the fastest growing sectors in the continent.
We have been charting these developments for more than a decade, and through a captive reach on the market, we thoroughly recognize its nuances.
Alchemy has a holistic approach towards the communication requirements of its clients. We integrate our knowledge of African media, political, business and social ecosystems for seasoned interactions with journalists and news outlets.
In the course of its extensive PR and Brand Management endeavors, Alchemy has assiduously garnered an in-depth understanding of the African communication landscape.
Our efforts are beyond the distribution of regular PR material, and we have an ongoing commitment to our clients. We also create articles, blog write-ups, newsletters, collateral, website content, research papers, etc.
We are creating comprehensive solutions for Global PR projects, adding extended PR activities depending on your competencies and the target
These include applying for awards and speaking proposals in global conferences and leveraging them in our communication with the media.
Since 2007, we have been branding organizations in over 50 countries of Africa viz. Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Congos, South Africa, Benin, Lesotho, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, etc., and in Latin America, Middle East, India and Sri Lanka, etc.
Our liaison has ensured clients' media coverage through Launch PRs as well as articles in publications like The Forbes, Africa Outlook Magazine, Telecom Paper, IT Web Africa, IT News Africa, Ghana News, Ghana Web, Developing Telecoms, Speech Technology Magazine, and PC Mag in the USA, etc.
We brought about CEO speaking opportunities at over ten conferences within the last year.
These include Wireless Communication and Networking Conference, Wall Street Telecom Exchange, IoT Santa Clara, NY Tech Day, Duke Business in Africa, SMS and Messaging Summit Capacity Africa, GSMA 360 Mobile Series Colombia,etc.
We have been participating at Premiere Trade Shows like AfricaCom for more than four years.
We encourage you to identify the opportunities herein, to be aligned with your future projects, transcending branding spaces and associated activities that we operate in.