When asked to do so, you can recall only those ads which touched you to your core, 90 percent of the time. 'Mad Men' concepts that - A successful advertisement is an emotional statement rather than a product announcement - still rules today.
It is said that emotion and humor are the most intuitive ingredients in a successful advertisement- 'how you make them feel.'

As liberated as we may feel with the increasing availability of choices, let us not forget the everydayhuman dilemmas. More so in an era saturated by an endless circulation of digital content. Everyone sounds promising, each deal more alluring than the previous. No wonder advertisements become widely associated with asales pitch.
Your products represent the essence of your brand. Every time you introduce something new into the market, remember to reiterate the 'why' more than the 'what'. Why should the consumer opt for your soap when they pay the same price for another?

The answer is not your secret ingredient or the price placed on the item. It is the experience that your product entails.How did it make him/ her feel? Experience counts as the hallmark associated with your brand. Hence, your product can be the hallmark of hygiene, protection, care, flamboyance, endurance or any other trait that people can relate to.
Depending upon the trait dearest to them, consumers will respond accordingly. Therefore, as a marketer, you are also motivating your prospective buyer to hone a particular identity.

The best advertisements do not go at length to only describe the item in question. They persuade potential customers to choose their brand. That persuasion stems from the stronghold you have amongst your patrons and clients who strongly identify with your brand value.
Advertising re-emphasizes the emotional connect that you have established with the consumers. It is a reminder as to why you are amongst the most trusted brand. It serves as another reason for the consumersto keep their trust invested in you.